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Generosity Leads to a Happy Life, Study Shows

Generosity makes men and women happier, even though they are a bit generous. Men and women who act completely out of self-interest are much less happy. Merely promising to be generous is adequate to set off a metamorphosis in our brains that makes us happier, neuroeconomists have found out in a latest study. What some […]

Depression Has Different Effects on Male And Female Brains, Study Shows

One study has found out that depression has different effects on the brain activities in male and female subjects in certain regions of the brain. Depressed adolescents who were exposed to happy or unhappy words had their brains imaged. The findings show that adolescent males and females may experience depression in different ways and that […]

Music Learning Can Change Brain Structures

Utilizing musical cues to study a physical task drastically develops a foremost part of the brain, according to a new study. Men and women who practiced a basic movement task to music showed greater structural connectivity between the regions of the brain that process sound and manipulate motion. The findings are centered on white matter […]

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