For Readers:

How can I access the full text of articles published in the journal?

All articles published by AoP have free full-text available on the journal’s website, located under the “Current Issue” and “Archives” tabs.

Can I purchase a print subscription or a single printed issue?

Yes, hardcopies of issues may be purchased for $100 each or $1100 for twelve monthly issues. Free shipping is available for most locations. Past issues may also be purchased subject to availability.

What should I do if I cannot login to my account?

If you have forgotten your password, you may use the “Forgot your password?” link on the login page to have it reset. If you have forgotten your username or need assistance please email [email protected]

For Authors:

How long does peer-review and publication take?

The Archives of Psychology guarantees that peer-review will take a maximum of one month from the date of submission. After acceptance, manuscripts are copyedited and published within 2 weeks.

Where is AoP indexed?

The Archives of Psychology indexes papers with Google Scholar and CrossRef. Many papers can also be indexed with PubMed upon request. Please visit https://publicaccess.nih.gov for more information.

What is the impact factor of AoP?

Because AoP is a newer journal the official impact factor has not yet been calculated. It should be available in 2018.

Is there a fee to publish?

Yes, please refer to the Author Guidelines for more details. Fee waivers and discounts are available on a case by case basis.

For Reviewers:

How can I volunteer to review manuscripts?

If you wish to serve as a peer-reviewer, please email our editorial staff at [email protected]  with your subjects of expertise.

What are the instructions for reviewing a manuscript?

Please refer to our Reviewer Instructions.